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BVI Chamber of Commerce

BVICCHA Partners with OECS to Discuss Needs of Local Manufacturers!

On 30 July, BVICCHA partnered with OECS to have a dialogue with Virgin Islands ‘makers’. This meeting was quite productive as the Competitive Business Unit (CBU) for the region was keen to learn more about the needs of the manufacturing sector in the region.
The points the Executive Director, Keiyia J George pointed out were:
  1. The need for a networking platform where businesses can meet to find suppliers or goods;
  2. Support with garnering trade agreements so that trade within the region can be affordable;
  3. Support with the logistics for regional transport of goods; and
  4. Recognition that almost 100% of what the region needs can be found in the region.
The CBU provided brief information about their incubator program and encouraged participants to apply. Find the information below.
  1. Incubator application form -
  2. Incubator guidelines -
  3. Mentorship guidelines -
  4. Mentorship application form -

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