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BVI Chamber of Commerce

BVICCHA Hosts Regional Networking Reception

The BVI Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association (BVICCHA) hosted 40+ businesses from Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Martin, St. Lucia, French Guyana, Metropolitan France, and Barbados in a networking session with local businesses. In its second year, the Caribbean Business Tour North is cruising 9-16 February 2020.  The BVICCHA arranged for local businesses in gari processing, Arts And Craft, Fashion, Industrial Painting, Water Sanitation, Business and Professional Services, Hairdressers, and Renewable Energy to meet the delegation during a session today, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm at the Coconut Lounge on the Pier Park.  

(Interim) Chairman Shaina M. Smith welcomed the group to the beautiful Virgin Islands and in her opening remarks said, “We are very excited to have such a great group to reach out to the BVI Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association to network with our businesses. This falls in line with one of the roles of the BVICCHA: to connect businesses of the Virgin Islands to business and trade opportunities, domestically and internationally. This is another way that the BVICCHA is advocating for economic growth through businesses being able to collaborate and enter other markets.  

Carol Theobald of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of the Island of Guadeloupe (Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Iles de la Guadeloupe) stated, “Our Chamber of Commerce in Guadeloupe would love to collaborate with the BVI Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association on the Sailing Trade Show we will be hosting in November 2020. We didn’t come to the best waters in the Caribbean for nothing. The people here know about sailing and we extend an invitation for you to come.”  

The Premier, the Honourable Andrew A. Fahie, gave brief remarks at the wrap up of the day’s session and shared with all present that he was “happy that the group decided to visit and connect with Virgin Islands businesses for trade and businesses opportunities at this  time.” He also said that he would be sharing the new investment policy document with BVICCHA which could be shared with domestic and foreign investors interested in doing business in the BVI. 
Kanika Smith, who represented KSmith Events and Elroy's Pleasure Tours, had this to say about her experience at the BVICCHA-hosted event: “It was a wonderful experience to be able to network with like-minded business owners within the Caribbean.  I interacted with businesses that were either directly or indirectly associated with my industry and gave birth to new ideas that may have not otherwise been realized before having this forum provided today.” 

The coordinator for the Business Cruise, Isabelle Adonis-Flandrina, left the event with this statement: “I warmly thank Shaina Smith and Keiyia George for their professionalism, responsiveness and effective assistance in setting up this event. This collaboration proves that BE TOGETHER TO DO THE BEST is not just a dream or some words, it could be a reality... The delegation was very honored by the visit of the [Premier, The Honourable Andrew A. Fahie] who confirms that we must encourage businesses and relationships between all of the Caribbean Islands. This is the purpose of the Caribbean Business Cruise initiated by ISANAJA CONSULTING!” 

A few of the designated purposes of this cruise are to;  

• Meet successful businessmen and women who wish to build, develop and enrich the Caribbean of 
• To enjoy on a ship high quality, professional networking, which allows participants to meet and exchange
with businesses and start-up leaders and economic authorities.
• To provide an enhanced trip that would take place over several weeks if it was a classical trip by air and greatly save on a traveling budget.  

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