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Crime Stoppers BVI Urges Residents to be Vigilant

Crime Stoppers BVI is asking the public to be extremely vigilant at this time to ensure everyone’s safety as we work as a community to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

There has been a gradual increase in business and residential crime in the Virgin Islands in 2020.

To help decrease these occurrences business owners should stay alert and look out for persons displaying any form of suspicious behavior. If the same vehicle is seen driving past regularly or the same person is seen lingering around, especially at opening and closing times contact the authorities. Vary your banking hours and ensure that more than one person collects the deposits. In preparation for the curfew, secure your businesses and ensure that all valuables are protected.

Residents should ensure that their homes are securely locked, exterior lights are on at night and valuable items are not in plain sight. Permanently mark items that could be stolen so that you can identify them to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF).

RVIPF will be actively patrolling the territory but they cannot be everywhere at once so it is up to the entire community to be alert and aware of potential situations before they can happen. The RVIPF has operational plans in place to continue to tackle these types of offenses and occurrences.


  • Record the license plate number of suspicious vehicles and call the RVIPF to report them.
  • Write down a description of any suspicious-looking individuals and loiters then call the RVIPF.
  • Report any suspicious behavior or tips to the Crime Stoppers RVIPF Contact     Emails will be strictly confidential and considered anonymous.
  • Adhere to the VI Government curfew that requires every person in this community who is not an approved essential worker to remain at home during the curfew period. Please remember that this curfew is in place to help keep the public safe. If you observe any persons disobeying the curfew, please alert the RVIPF.
Call the RVIPF at 311. For any emergency call 999/911.
Let us unite as a VI Community to ensure the safety of all citizens within the Territory!

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