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Visit BVI's Message to Members

As a valued BVI Chamber of Commerce & Hotel Association (BVICCHA) member and a long-time supporter of Visit the British Virgin Islands, the official in-room publication of the BVICCHA, we wanted to update you and share some exciting news.
We know the past year and a half has been challenging, both emotionally and financially, due to COVID-19. This global pandemic has affected everyone in some way, so we are all in this together. Due to the current tourism climate, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to postpone the launch of our publication. This will allow local businesses, many of whom are our loyal advertising partners, time to regenerate business and rebuild tourist confidence.
As always, the new edition of Visit the British Virgin Islands will be distributed exclusively in each of the guest rooms of hotels, villas, Airbnb rentals, and yacht charter companies in the BVI. This means you are reaching active travelers as they plan what to see and do throughout the Territory. Our publishing partner, North South Net (NSN), is also taking the extra step to have the paper coated with a special antimicrobial UV coating that kills germs and viruses, so any visitors reading our publications will feel safe and enjoy a worry-free reading experience. The annual publication will be available in October 2022 and a celebratory launch event will be planned.
In the meantime, we are supporting all our advertisers this 2021 season by continuing to promote the digital version, which can be shared globally with prospective visitors. NSN has also launched the Visit BVI App, a mobile app for smartphones that contains information from Visit the British Virgin Islands and is promoted throughout the Territory via easily downloadable QR codes posted all around the islands on stickers and posters in strategic high traffic locations, including restaurants, shops, yacht charters, and hotel desks. This easily downloadable app provides another platform for additional advertising exposure and offers push notifications. Don’t miss the opportunity to share your photo, website, directions, menus (if applicable), and booking information in the Visit BVI App.

You can reserve your spot in the Visit the British Virgin Islands publication now! For more information and the opportunity to be a part of the upcoming print and digital media, please contact:
Rachael Gunn Skywalker
Tel: (907) 306-1969
Garry Duell
Tel:(786) 501-3434
Everyone at BVICCHA and NSN is thinking of you, and we also know how passionate and resilient British Virgin Islanders are and that the islands will bounce back soon stronger than ever! Until then, we wish you all the best and pray that you and your family remain healthy.
Warm regards,
The Visit the British Virgin Islands Team

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