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New Year, New Executive Director!

The BVI Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association (BVICCHA) is proud to announce that they have partnered with Keiyia Jackson-George to be their Executive Director (ED). As ED, Mrs. George is responsible for effectively leading the organization such that it successfully achieves its mission of service to members. Specific areas of responsibility include executive leadership of the staff of the organization; support of positive member relations; executive support to the Board of Directors; community connecting & liaison activities; and active participation and leadership in local, regional and, if appropriate, international levels on advocacy activities relating to business policy, legislation, and regulation.

Mrs. George has a rich background in IT and business development and has spent the last 4.5 years working solely as an entrepreneur in her business she and her husband started over 10 years ago, RKG Consulting Group. When asked how she expects to manage the new responsibilities as well as her own business, Mrs. George stated, “I am a very organized person. I think it’s important to maintain my clients, but I also believe it’s important that I use the gifts God has given me and further help my clients as their advocate through the BVICCHA.

There are many resources the territory needs to assist non-governmental agencies. I’d like to see them implemented. I’d like to see more people to become entrepreneurs. With the help of the BVICCHA, I definitely think this can be achieved!”
The mission of BVICCHA is to empower, educate and equip businesses for success and growth. Mrs. George believes she can assist to achieve these goals in three ways:
1. Lobby for major changes as it relates to setting up and running local businesses;

2. Market the BVICCHA so that members and the general public remain keen on the happenings the BVICCHA are involved in locally and internationally; and

3. Grow the BVICCHA’s network so that members can have greater access to resources they may not have had before.
The vision of the BVICCHA, which was established over 50 years ago, is to be the proactive and confident voice of business and a driving force for business development and economic growth in the Virgin Islands. The goal is not to be a “talk shop” but to advocate for legislation, processes, policies, and the like that foster a more business-friendly eco-system for the success of every business and industry. 
Media Contact:
Keiyia J. George, Executive Director, BVICCHA
(284) 494-3514 |
Image attached: Keiyia Jackson-George (K-George-01132020-021.jpg)

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